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Is There An App For Calling Cuba?

Is There An App For Calling Cuba?In the telecomm game, we hear all kinds of questions from concerned users who want to stay connected with those they love. With many Cuban American customers as part of our network, one of the more frequent questions we’ve heard from customers being “Is there an app for calling Cuba?” Why yes! There most certainly is an app for calling Cuba. It’s SIN PIN 1-Click Connect! The service seen by many in both the [...]

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What is an International Mobile Recharge App?

What is an International Mobile Recharge App?Staying in touch with friends and family during difficult times is a must. It’s hard though, when someone you care about is in another country. Dealing with the hassles of expensive phone contracts means being stuck in a plan that might not be a good fit. And video calling software is insecure, spotty, and often requires internet connection. The options for affordable communication are certainly limited for users checking in on someone, [...]