How it Works

High Quality International Calls are always cheaper when using the SIN PIN App! When you use the SIN PIN App to make International calls you know that you will always get the best quality and rates. Sin Pin International calling service works with any phone and you get $1 FREE of Sin Pin international calling service when you sign up online or in-store to try SIN PIN International Calling Service. You can also easily sign up or refill your account by downloading the Sin Pin App. The app works with any Android or iPhone mobile phone and you get $2 FREE of Sin Pin international calling service when you download the app to sign up. With Sin Pin you will always be able to make High Quality International Calls to those you love. Never go out of touch with the ones you care about most!


Our App is for more than just calling another country. The SIN PIN App allows you to purchase a recharge or top up prepaid phones for both domestic and International carriers, make International payments, and Invite your friends to join directly from the SIN PIN App!

Key Features of Sin Pin International Calling Service

Don’t want to download the app. No problem you can get all the great features of Sin Pin online. Sign up online and you’ll get $1 FREE of Sin Pin International Calling Service. But download the app and get $2 FREE of Sin Pin International Calling Service.

You choose what works best for you!

International Calling Service

How to Use Our App

International calling with the SIN PIN App is easy. Open the app. Click the dial pad button, dial the number you wish to call and click call button; or click the contacts icon to access your 1-Click Connect contacts. The transition from using your basic calling feature to International calling in our app is seamless with all of the convenience of being able to call anywhere in the world with the best quality and rates!

How to Setup 1-Click Connect Contacts

  • Click “My 1-Click Numbers” or contacts icon from Dial Pad
  • Enter your International Number
  • Click Submit

Top Countries



El Salvador






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